Verdun's Meat Market

Cuts of Beef

Beef & Veal


Front Quarter


Number 7 Steaks

Shoulder Steaks

Rib Eye or

Rib Chops

Chuck Eye or

Chuck Chops or

Chuck Roast





Neck Stew

Neck Chops

Beef Ribs



     Short Slabs


Veal Shank


Ground Meat and/or Sausage

(custom seasoned to your taste)


Variety Meats available include -

Liver, Tongue, Heart, Kidney, and Oxtail.

Kneebones and marrow bones are also available.



Hind Quarter





New York Strip

Filet Mignon

Round Steak

Loin Tip Roast

Loin Tip Steak

Veal Cutlet

Rump Roast

Pike's Peak Roast

Veal Shank

We're here to serve you! When ordering whole calves, half calves, or quarter calves, any cuts listed here can be made into stew meat, ground meat, or sausage. Let us know how thick you like your cuts, and how you want it wrapped and packaged. Everything is custom to suit YOUR needs.


We also use the heaviest freezer paper available. This helps keep our meat fresh for up to one year after processing. It also does not add any harmful gases or vinyl molecules that vacuum packing does when it heats to seal. Meat frozen our way and then defrosted properly will taste as fresh as the day it was packaged.


Prices reflect the seasonal market and can be quoted over the phone.